2019 Mark Brody Memorial Food Drive

After Mark Brody passed away, his family approached the AKPA with a small pot of money to create something positive for Alaska's Kidney Patients - they talked about his struggles with his 'kidney friendly' diet that was pretty restrictive and how challenging it was for him to find the money to buy the protein rich foods he needed while on dialysis.  Mark was a pretty typical Alaskan on dialysis. Most live on a limited income and some months they have to choose between medicine or food.  The Mark Brody Memorial Kidney Walk was born that day, but this year we are trying something different.....

The Mark Brody Memorial Food Drive

Through the end of 2019, the AKPA will be collecting donations of food and money (which will be used to purchase 'dialysis friendly' food). There are a couple of different ways you can get involved:

Let us do the shopping and delivery to the dialysis clinic for you.
Shop Yourself with the easy Dialysis Patient shopping list  !!
The AKPA has a list of dialysis friendly products on Amazon you can choose from